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  About Us
ISIK KALIP , founded in 1971 on a base of manufacturing and design of plastic injection molds.
          For a long period of time our company has processed with the design and manufacturing of mould for many precious companies of the country. During this period the necessity of having an injection machine in house for the test shots of the manufactured moulds has occured which made our company also an injection processor at the same time.
      In 1990 designing the first toolbox with the registered brand of PORT-BAG our company has started the period of becoming a manufacturer of plastic storage equipment. The design and the brand was a first for the domestic market at that time.
         With this start which has caused a very attractive reaction PORT-BAG has swiftly increased the range of products and have started exports in 1993.
          In 2004 PORT-BAG has moved to the current plant and goes on with the aim of worldwide product and service quality.

          PORT-BAG has a vision of being equiped with the necessary sources for better quality and service.
          Since 2002 May the system is certified by AQA American Quality Accesors under ISO9001:2000. 


        Our factory is located on a total 10.000 m2 plant which 8.000 m2 is the manufacturing closed area which is equipped with full automatic high quality plastic injection and processing machines. 
       Using the raw material of world brands with the help of professional labour we are always aiming to reach a better world in means of enviroment.
         Minimum cost, optimum efficiency, best quality, short delivery terms are always a matter of innovation for us. 
       Since 2008 we have combined our experience to ERP software to the whole system to be able to answer the needs of the market according to the daily trends